Cancel Culture vs Small Business

Like an astronaut stepping on the moon for the first time, or an explorer finding new lands, we are discovering a new landscape for our culture.  How we understand reality has slipped into the depths of a social media nightmare, seeming that common sense has drifted from within peoples grasp.  Social media has equipped people to demand immediate gratification delivering a false sense of power.  This allows them to make swift judgements based on momentary feelings, not logical structured thought.  However this does not apply to everyone, there are some real people with real causes.  When the world goes after innocent cartoons like Paw Patrol and Pepe Le Pew, the idea of common sense, is not so common.  This piece is not solely about the withering of a generations ability to think critically, it’s more about the effects it has on those who support the weight of the society we live in.  The backbone of our economic foundation and societal existence.  Small business owners are what makes this country run, while the large corporations have the most visibility and the biggest bank accounts, it’s the small businesses that outnumber them all, and they are under attack.

The Real Problem With Cancel Culture...

There are about 31.7 million small businesses in the US, who employ 60.6 million workers according to the Small Business Alliance.  Small businesses by themselves make almost half of the employed Americans today, whereas Large and medium corporations together make up the other half.  Small businesses are the heart of  the american dream, anyone with ambition and the willingness to bust their butts can make their dream come true.  However, those dreams and people’s livelihood are being destroyed based on someone’s hurt feelings and ability to use a computer.  People’s ease of access to share what they are feeling in the moment, and the ability to post it online, is causing chaos and destruction in the small business realm.  To add to the pain, Covid-19 restrictions and some people’s reactions have caused many businesses to fold for good, or send them sprawling with the outcome still pending. 

Imagine for a moment, when they picked apart a statement or a photo posted, if the accuser had the same happen to them instantly.

People today are happy to get online and pick apart words, pictures, sentences, actions, because they aren’t forced to face those they accuse.  Imagine if for a moment, they had to stand in front of the business owner they are calling a racist and demanding people avoid or harrass.  Imagine for a moment, when they picked apart a statement or a photo posted, if the accuser had the same happen to them instantly.  The world would be a much different place right now.  Everyone at some moment in their life has said something, done something , or acted in a way that is offensible.  However, those who seem to want to cancel a business, or call out what they deem as ooffensible rarely have to face those they are accusing or their own hypocrisy.  They are simply cowards, who deem themselves righteous enough to attack hard working Americans.

Cancel Culture Hurts..

  • 53 percent of respondents say ‘whether you trust the company that owns the brand or brand that makes the product’ is the second most important factor when purchasing a new brand. Trust is second only to price (64 percent) 

  • 70 percent say trusting a brand is more important today than in the past – a shared belief among age groups, gender and income  

  • 81 percent say personal vulnerability (around health, financial stability, and privacy) is a reason why brand trust has become more important 

  • 74 percent say a brand’s impact on society is a reason why brand trust has become more important. 

Now, to be clear, as mentioned earlier, this is not everyone.  There are those who have their just cause, though is it still reasonable and just to work to destroy a person or their business simply because of something said or done in the past?  Who are we to be the judge, jury and executioner?  With this current mentality, small business owners are finding it more and more difficult to operate, scared to market, share their thoughts or speak online.  When there is a political movement, they are demanded to take a side, and if it’s the wrong side, then their business may be destroyed.  If they choose to remain neutral, then they are guilty as well and again may endure the same fate.  Because to the hurt feelings brigade, a lack of action is acceptance of the opposition to their beliefs.  Today, people have forgotten what it’s like to agree to disagree, respectfully.  It’s okay if someone doesn’t believe what you do, or thinks the way you do, that doesn’t mean they are evil or wrong.  If a business owner decides to stay away from hot topics and politics, they are smart, and simply want to run their business.  If they choose to get into the political scene and share their opinion or support a cause, it’s ok.  You don’t have to be a patron, does it really make the food less great or the product less useful?  I shop at businesses that don’t support my political and moral causes, and I’m not marching against them or trying to cancel their business.  I accept that they have a right to their own opinion and choices.  I simply purchase my products I need and move on.

This country was founded on the basis of freedom and the opportunity to thrive.  That core basis is being whittled away because some people can’t learn to play well with others, and have grown up to complain about everything instead of working with others to make a real change.  People are becoming hypocritical, virtue signalers, and they will continue to destroy small businesses, and the country around us unless there is a serious change.  That change starts with people choosing to make a stand and tell the hurt feeling brigade to enjoy their virtual bigotry and we continue to frequent and promote the small businesses of America, support our societal backbone and strengthen our community.

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  1. John Williams

    This is all such great information and wisdom here. Love this article!! As a business owner myself for 5 years I know for sure that my business will step on emotional toes in the future so I’m grateful for people put there like you guys fighting for truth and love and respecting others boundaries to have the same choice of freedom of thought and emotional expression that the atmosphere of this country started with centuries ago under God.

  2. Shelb

    Ties in with critical race theory….. Curtis Bowers did a excellent job explaining that. All of it set to destroy history and rewrite it. The push to make only one viewpoint matter, destroying everyone else who opposes. They are attempting to change the businesses model of long ago for a successful business. When businesses cave in and listen to a minority opposition, they end up suffering.

    Exposing Critical Race Theory

    The Great Reset

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